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My latest big discovery (and I mean BIG) is 6'3" 270 lb. super-heavyweight bodybuilder Big Johnny Blue Eyes. Of course the rest of him is as striking as his eyeballs are. He lives a mild mannered in the San Fernando Valley (poor guy) and works with developmentally disabled kids. Aaww what a sweetie! But by night he is superhunk "Big Johnny Blue Eyes."

He is very modest and always concerned about others. But when we go to a bar his muscles do the talking. I just stand there and watch women come to him! It's great! But the men in the bar just hate him." Gee Johnny I wonder why?

7'0" muscleman/actor Conan Stevens told me that he quit going to bars in Australia because drunken short guys with a Napoleon complex kept picking fights with him.

Big Johnny's problem was he wasn't properly recorded. The few pics he had of himself were terrible. So I paid him to model for me and we did a great photo shoot that is coming up soon. He's as tall as I am or slightly more.

Johnny Blue Eyes worked out at my apartment complex's gym, then posed in the sunshine. Afterwards we went down to West Hollywood's bar headquarter at Santa Monica/San Vicente and it's most famous nightspot The Abbey.  Of course everybody was staring at him because he was tall with striking grey/black hair plus ... of course ...the superbod. Being that he had not been to a Homo bar in this area was amazed by the mixed crowd, especially at The Abbey. He saw everything from Straight/Gay/Man/Woman/Black /White/Latin/Asian/Rich/Poor/Etc.  He loved the feeling of equaility and it was a very spiritual experiance for him. They had male dancers. They even had a gorgeous female dancer. He gave her a dollar and she immediately gave him a uh .... real close up view. Later he confessed "I could see her va***a!"

"I go to an Episcopal church that is totally liberal and they make me feel like a wallflower. This place is way better."  His soul just blossomed. He is apparently the first person ever to have a religious experience at The Abbey.

Since this photo shoot we have become the best of friends and Johnny comes over most nights of the week to my house to play video games.  Then he eats all of my food and says he is still hungry.  Oh those bodybuilders!

Big Johnny Blue Eyes walks down the street in West Hollywood, CA
Big Johnny Blue Eyes the 6'3" 270 lb. hetero muscleman walks down the street. That's it. Of course it's the Gayest street in America! I, the cameraman, am 6'2"-3" also. And you can see that as he walks past me. This is the sort of test modeling agencies do to make sure a guy can walk up and down a catwalk looking nice.

Not a lot of guys this huge in West Hollywood, but they are still way more plentiful than anyplace else in America ... hooray! In this brief clip you can see Big Johnny walk past a couple of the main bars on the West Hollywood drag. This is the intersection of Santa Monica and San Vicente boulevards. Eleven, Revolver and Mickey's can also be seen in the background of this clip. Fiesta Cantina is the bar he walks past last. Across the street is Rage ... and distant Beverly Hills.

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