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tall man

This huge British bodybuilder flew right under my radar as a personal trainer in the London area who specializes in getting people out of doors. Then he got Ex Spice Girl Geri Halliwell as a client and they took a few walks in the woods while being followed by paparazzi. The rest is history as this giant muscleman got stuck walking the foofiest dog in front of the media bottom feeders. That poor guy!

I would be so embarrassed to be seen walking that little dog!  She had better be putting out to make up for this humiliation. That pooch is smaller than his right pec!Something tells me Geri Halliwell had a crappy childhood and is using pets to plug holes in her life. Guess what the dog's name is?  Daddy!  Who needs a dog when you have a human being like him??

But Tim a mystery man. He has competed in a few bodybuilding shows perhaps but there's very little net presence for him. Until Big Don came along of course!

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