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bodybuilder robert

anonymousIf you like smart guys with big muscles then you will like my friend Robert the red shirted 6'1" 210 lb. muscle model.  I shot him in spring 2012 in West Hollywood.  He works in healthcare and takes fitness seriously. Obviously!  His chest is the size of two cantaloupes!  He moved to LA recently and wanted some new photos taken as he had just gained a lot of muscle.

What kind of guys does he like?   "My turn-ons: Thick rippling pecs, big hands and feet, showering together post-workout, going to bed at a reasonable hour, a passion for good health, and pragmatism.

Things I don't care *AT ALL* about include age, race, height, amount of body hair, endowment, and tax bracket.

Turn-offs include pretense, people who express themselves in platitudes, cliques, guys that stand RIGHT IN FRONT of the weight rack when they do curls, and water chestnuts. Dear God, how I hate water chestnuts. "

In fact he hates water chestnuts so much that I had to double check the hot tub water to make sure there were no chestnuts in it before I shot him.  NO just kidding!  He was a bit shy at first but eventually got quite into it and we took some shots he loved.  I really liked one of them so much I made some artwork out of it which you can see below.

red tight muscle shirt

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