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The few face photos in big and tall catalogues are boring. Boring like the clothes! I just can't get enough pec hiding polyester jogging suits.
Welcome to the face man face off. The battleground: headshots! These men are all male model quality and at least 6'1" (1.8m) in height*.  These are not the same as the pics of men on tall men's clothing sites. Male models on web sites for big and tall men's clothing usually are posed really boring (like the guy at left). They get their heads cut off, the pictures don't highlight their size and most of the photos are of just clothes.  CLOTHES!  The most boring thing about clothing models is their clothes!

Why can't big and tall catalogs be less dowdy? Sexier, with more photos of truly tall models like the ones below? Then there would be more work for tall models, who often have a tougher time finding jobs because they can't fit in to a 40L suit. They have the double whammy of the modeling world, they are very tall AND they are guys in a girl focused industry. How dare they be different!

short stop sign Some of these guys, like Wally, have entire pages devoted to them elsewhere on this site.  But I must warn you, many of the men on these pages are kind of short. Almost borderline TOO short, simply because they are short enough to get industry work modeling or pretending to be somebody else for a living. That is why you see the "short stop" warning icon on some pages. If you only want to see the tallest of the tall men, then do not look at pages displaying this warning.

Some actors, like Clint Walker, are much taller than standard male models. You'll find a lot of tall actors here in this section.  But, once again, there is a height limit to successful acting. If you are really tall your fellow thespians in the scene will have to stand on orange crates to reach the right eye level. Or you will have to stand in a hole in the ground.  So tall actors usually play the villain, such as Darth Vader was played by David Prowse.  And you will never get to play Tom Cruise's best friend in a movie because he is so short.  He can't be made to look small on camera or why would he be the hero?  Entire movies are cast around that little pea-brained Scientologist to make sure that he looks tall and handsome in every shot.

*Actual heights may vary.


This giant Iraqi calls himself "Iceberg Issawi" and he is probably about seven feet tall (2.3). Perhaps in Iraq being called "icy" is good as it is too damn hot there. More important he is soooo handsome!  He has none of the acromegaly which distorts the face and all too often causes many health problems for very tall guys. I wish I knew more about him but I don't speak any of the many languages they use in Iraq. So I asked an Iraqi bodybuilder I know to translate for me. 

TRANSLATION OF VIDEO:  Iceberg is 22 years old in the video, is 7'1" in height and lives south of Baghdad.  He is the second tallest man in the world (not true) and is the tallest in Iraq (probably).  He played basketball but got injured and now he is very poor.  He sleeps on the floor because there is no bed large enough to hold him. 

This is a typical problem for very tall men especially when living in the third world.  Often I look enviously at these big giant jocks. But the day to day reality of being extremely non-standard can be life threatening.

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