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male model milos tanasic headshot

anonymous Milos Tanasic is a 23 year old soccer boy from Serbia with two galleries on my site. But I warn you, he is just barely tall enough to be here. That is why you see the warning at right. 

A student of the Sports College (department soccer and conditioning coach) in his town Subotica he tells me he loves to workout and enjoys all kinds of challenges. Nutrition and healthy lifestyle are his everyday rituals, but once in a while he likes a crazy night out with his friends.

He is a central midfielder with great soccer skills and a killer left foot. One of those guys that enjoys a clash with the opponent players and even the referee from time to time. Milos was first introduced to modeling 3 years ago in a coffee bar in Reykjavik Iceland by a good friend and photographer. He was more interested in soccer at the time. One day Imagen visited Milos at his home in Reykjavik and made a couple of pics. This were his first professional images and they were Milos loved them . Thanks to this amazing guy and photographer Milos started thinking more about modeling. But still soccer was much more in his mind. About a year ago he made the decision to give much more into this business.

So far Milos has done work in both the fashion and fitness modeling business. He has been a part of the Apollo GT fashion/fitness male model magazine and a part of the Cosmopolitan Serbian issue. He also worked in the campaign for Kro-gu Jewelry.  His pics have been posted on many blogs. At the moment he is working on a couple of high fashion editorials and is preparing for the Mister Bosnia & Herzegovina contest. He is a member of the AK modeling agency from Bosnia which is owned by his close buddy and photographer Amer Kadic. In everyday life Milos is loves travelling, sightseeing, meeting new people and experiencing diversity of cultures and food from around the world.

Milos has lots of great photos but he has enough serious looking ones now.  He needs more smiling, happy pics :)


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