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Continued from the previous page is are more photos of my incredibly hot giant buddy I met online "Tank of Muscle."  He and his boyfriend love to eat and work out. And he is small in these photos. More recent pictures from Feb. 2016 show he is now 345 pounds!  That's with a 55" chest, 20" arms, 45" waist and 61" shoulders. Arnold Schwarzenegger only had a 50" inch chest and that is considered huge in bodybuilding.

Also there are some very old photos of a very tall, very handsome pro basketball player. 

An arrogant bodybuilder I simply can't stand (except to look at) shows off on Muscle Beach in Venice, CA.  A literal grandstander, he yelled a me in the weight pit for putting him on my website.  "Every time I google myself your pictures come up first."  That's because I am better at marketing you than you are you idiot.  Then he brought some guy over who looked almost homeless. I think the scruffy man ran the weight pit.  "This is my manager" the giant jerk said.  He had me re-iterate I would take his photos of my site. 

I was there shooting a guy taller than him and I bet that really bothered him as he may never have met a taller guy before.  The jerk is known for things like bringing a giant boom box to the outdoor pit and forcing everyone to listen to the "rap songs" he "wrote" at super high volume.

Too bad.  He is fantastic looking but his attitude turns everyone off and he will get nowhere in Hollywood.  But, being desperate for attention, he puts on a good show almost every day for tourists in Venice.  Even worse, his videos on youtube are very clumsy and unwatchable.

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