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giant man holds hands with cute little kid
As you know, short people's main purpose in life is to make tall men look even taller!  And you just don't get shorter than little kids.  It's not their fault, they are trying to grow.  Isn't this an adorable photo?  This gallery features some of the tallest of all tall men.  It also has a lot of folks I know nothing about, which is why you see the "mystery men" logo on these pages.

Emircan Koşut (born 1995) is a 7'1" Turkish professional basketball player who last played for Anadolu Efes Istanbul of the Turkish Basketball League. He plays at the center/powerforward positions. 

Coming from the previous gallery there are some very old photos of a very tall, very handsome pro basketball player.  I've put them here anonymously for posterity's sake as my website is winding down after ten years and I'm cleaning house.

I wish I knew more about that spectacular German lawyer.  With a guy that impressive defending me how could I possibly be guilty?


Best moments of odius hunkster and confirmed tall guy Chad Johnson on "The Bachelorette." The is a hottie show where real estate sales people, lifeguards, aspiring male models and ex-beauty queens parade around talking about the most important thing in their lives. Themselves!  And the Chadster is no exception.

One thing is for sure, Chad's parents probably did not give him enough love and attention when he was young. Now he has grown up and ruined his life as a "high end real estate salesman" in a tawdry reality show.  Ick!  Would you buy a used house from this guy?

And so Chad went on this show to preen before all the other men who didn't get enough love and attention when they were little. Much like the woman they are trying to woo. And, come to think of it, much like the broadcast television network executive who greenlight this glop. 

And so too, sigh, probably, the audience.

In conclusion, love your kids so they don't grow up and turn into Chad Johnson or his girlfriend Siliconetta J. Spandex.  Or tuning in to see them as event television!

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