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I know nothing about this great collection of giant men which is why you see the "mystery men" logo.  If you ID some of them please tell me and I might add that information to their gallery.

very tall manAlso in this gallery is "king of the stupids hall of shamer" 6'10" 250 lb. New Jerseyite Jayson Williams (born 1968). He is an American former professional basketball player. He played for the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Nets of the National Basketball Association.  Like Oscar Pistorius who shot his girlfriend through a locked door and 6'9" giant Miladin Kovacevic who beat a man almost to death in a bar over nothing, Jayson has violence issues.  He is a confessed murderer and has big time alcohol issues.  So Jersey!

On February 14, 2002, 55-year-old limousine driver Costas "Gus" Christofi was shot and killed at Williams's estate in Alexandria Township, New Jersey. Christofi had been hired to drive Williams's NBA charity team from a Bethlehem, Pennsylvania event to his mansion, about 30 miles (48 km) northwest of Trenton, New Jersey. Members of Williams's NBA charity basketball team were present at the scene. The New York Post reported that Williams was playing with a shotgun while giving a tour of his 30,000-square-foot (2,800 m2) home when the weapon fired, killing Christofi.

In April 2004, Williams was acquitted of the more serious charges against him, but the court's jury deadlocked on a charge of reckless manslaughter.

On April 21, 2006, a Hunterdon County appeals court ruled that Williams could be retried on a reckless manslaughter charge stemming from the shooting death. The court repeatedly delayed the retrial for a series of reasons, such as the State's 2008 appeal of a ruling relating to prosecutorial misconduct at the first trial.

On January 11, 2010, Williams pleaded guilty to aggravated assault. On February 23, 2010, he was finally sentenced to 5 years in prison with possible parole after 18 months. Williams was subsequently moved on April 19, 2011 to Riker's Island to serve an additional 1-year sentence for a DWI, of which he served 8 months and was released from custody on April 13, 2012.  So, even though he accidentally shot someone and is a scumbag, he mostly went to prison for trying to cover up his crime. How can you cover up a shooting witnessed by the Harlem Globetrotters? How??

Details of the sentence include five years in state prison for hindering apprehension (third degree crime), tampering with witnesses (third degree crime), aggravated assault (fourth degree), tampering with evidence and fabricating evidence.  Eighteen months were served without parole. Then, like so many rich, famous people in overcrowded American prisons he got out early.  Unlike huge numbers of other non-White men in prison on minor marijuana charges.

Amazingly, while he was awaiting trial for murder he managed to get drunk in Manhattan at 3 AM, drove his car off FDR drive into a tree and then refused a breathalyzer to see what his legal blood alcohol limit was.  That will really impress judges and juries! This got him an additional year in prison (on paper) and a $16 thousand dollar fine for damaging an innocent plant.  

He paid out 2.75 million dollars to the family of the victim to settle the wrongful death suit.

But wait, there is more!  In 2009 he went out of control (and remember, at 6'10" that is a lot of control to go out of) in a Manhattan and because violently suicidal. Visibly intoxicated, officers found empty prescription medication bottles in the room and had to TASER him to take him to the hospital.  The next month he got in a bar fight in North Carolina and punched a man in the face. He was charged with simple assault but those charges were later dropped.

Williams was released from prison in April 2012.

Human scum Jason Williams got called "nigger," or something like that, by an investigating officer. While Jayson may indeed be total Black trash, saying things like that just complicates a trial.  New Jersey superior court judge (is anything in New Jersey actually 'superior?')  Edward Coleman tries to make sense of staggering scumbolio Jason Williams who shot his limo driver by accident in front of lots of people.

Before a packed Somerville courtroom, the judge ordered prosecutors to surrender the personnel file of an officer who admitted using the epithet during a meeting at the Hunterdon County Prosecutor's office. The judge reviewed the documents in his chambers and was later joined by prosecutors and defense lawyers

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