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steve hooker olympic medal shirtless

short stop sign6'2" (1.87m) Steve Hooker has a long pole.  Now you stop laughing with the dumb, obvious jokes you!  I thought every sexy hooker in the world passed through Hollywood sometime but I never met this guy.  Born in 1982 in Melbourne, Victoria, Steve is an Australian pole vaulter and Olympic gold medalist. His personal best is 6.06 m, making him the second highest pole vaulter in history, behind only Sergey Bubka.

Hooker attended Greythorn Primary School in Balwyn North, Victoria and Balwyn High School in Balwyn North, Victoria. His mother Erica Hooker was a 1972 Olympian and a 1978 Commonwealth Games long jump silver medalist. She also won nine national titles. His father Bill represented Australia in the 800 m and 4 x 400 m at the 1974 Commonwealth Games and won four national crowns. He began his career with the Box Hill Athletic Club. His career started slowly, and he only went professional in 2006. He relocated to Perth, living on a very modest Australian Sports Commission allowance.

Steve won gold at the 2008 Beijing Olympics with a vault of 5.96 meters, setting a new Olympic record, and making him the first Australian male track and field gold medalist in 40 years since Ralph Doubell won the 800 m in Mexico City in 1968. At the 2009 World Athletics Championships, in Berlin, Hooker won the gold despite a hamstring injury. On only his second jump, Hooker cleared 5.90 meters, to win the gold after missing 5.85 meters on his first attempt. At the 200 IAAF World Indoor Championships, Hooker won the gold in the pole vault with a vault of 6.0 meters, a championship record. At the 2010 Commonwealth Games, Hooker won the gold in the pole vault.


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