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denis cyplenkov

denis cyplenkov 6'1" 310 lb. (1.86m 140 kg) Denis Cyplenkov was born in Ukraine in 1982, where he attended various sports clubs during his childhood and teenage years. He trained in kettlebell lifting for a few years and had great results in a number of competitive events, before becoming one of the world’s best arm wrestlers. He won the Nemiroff World Cup in 2010 and 2011 and holds several Russian Arm Wrestling Champion titles. On his website, Cyplenkov claims he also holds records for the biggest biceps in Russia (64 cm in circumference) and the strongest man in Russia.

short stop signHe is known for his absolutely gigantic hands. Even his thumb is thickly muscled and his 20+ inch forearms are larger than most bodybuilder's biceps. And his biceps are, of course, even bigger than his forearms.   His wrist alone is almost ten inches around. His chest is 57" but his waist is only 40 inches.  He can bench press 640 lbs. (290kg) and squat 705 lbs. (320kg).

He has a supplement sponsor, Trec Nutrition.  Beyond this not much is known about him, in part because I don't speak Russian and can't read his website.  But, let's face it, the photos are what we all really love.

gigantic bodybuilder hands

Denis uses his frying pan sized fist to crush walnuts.  He must be big help in the kitchen breaking nuts and opening stuck pickle jars.  Actually he would probably just rip the jar in half and cut his arm!

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