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strongman peter rudenberg

6'6" (1.98m) 340+ lb. Swedish strongman Peter Rundberg keeps a low profile.  He has no Facebook page and does not promote himself much. I guess he prefers just lifting. Lifting HUUUUGE weights. How can you stay low when you are that tall?

What little he has said about himself on the web is this from 2005:  "I have been lifting for 5 years (32years old now). I played American Football up untlil the season 2003 when I started doing powerlifting and strongman instead. I played football at high school in the US (senior year as an exchange student) and then continued in Sweden. I played one season in the NFL Europe (Frankfurt Galaxy) and then decided that I had come as far as I could in football and got a real job instead. This is when I started playing around in stongman and last year and I placed 2th at the Swedish championships. This year I expect to do much better though.

Best events: Anything with leg strength. Truck pull is perhaps my best event even if I never train it.
Worst events: Over head lifts. My pressing strength could be a lot better.

This year I have done 5 competitions as qualifiers for the Swedish cahmpionships and placed 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, 7th and st. I hope to get a podium finish at this years Swedish cahmpionships, but the competition is tough with Magnus Samuelsson, Anders Johansson and Jörgen Ljunberg ranked as the top three."

I don't know what it is about Sweden but they love their strongmen.  There are lots of them and they tend to win contests.  They even have a "Sweden's Strongest Man" contest and the "Nordic Strongman Championships".

In 2010 Peter made a video doing "deadlifts." They are called "deadlifts" because, if you or I tried to lift this much weight, we would die! For him 660 lbs (300 kg) is a "warm up" weight.

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