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connor Connor says he started out as a "small fat child" in England. In 2010 Connor turned 16 and became old enough to be on  He's 6'2" already, almost 250 pounds and is only going to get bigger!  He started working out two years earlier while playing rugby.  He wanted to get bigger to do that famous strongman event the shot put.  Soon the school gym was too small for him and he switched to a bodybuilders gym with heavier weights.

On his website he raves about bodybuilding, saying "I love it so much because it made me feel really good about myself seeing my body transform and noticing every change. "

Of course this is not the bodybuilding section it's the Strength dept.  That cuz Connor loves feats of strength and picking up his friends and throwing them around.  His website and youtube page have lots of vids like that.  But be careful Connor you don't know your own growing strength.  No killing children, accidentally decapitating people or throwing anyone more than three feet in the air.  Connor uses his internet presence to try to make money off bodybuilding while most other guys are just sitting at the gym alone. Check out his website for more photos and cam shows.


6'2" 250 lb. Big Connor posted another great workout/flexing video.  And he is only 18!  He has done a good job marketing himself.  He says "I first began training at the age of 14. I started because I played rugby and I was always bigger and stronger than the rest of the players but I wanted to get bigger and stronger for Shot Put. I started researching online and working out in the school gym. The gym was good for me until I out grew it and needed a gym with heavier weights. I joined a bodybuilder gym and trained very hard since then. I love it so much because it made me feel really good about myself seeing my body transform and noticing every change."

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