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Giant man tiny door

Oh pray tell,
what is it for
this exactly six foot eight inch door?
In the pics on the back wall
it shouts out
"Wow this stud is TALL!"

There's just no better way to show off your size than to stand next to something, well, standard. Dollar bills being too small the next best thing is a standard sized door. Even better is a door that's just way too small for anybody. Then you end up looking double huge!  A standard door in the United States is 6'8" or 2 Meters.  The door to the left is probably not standard.

These guys were all shot at frat parties, dorm rooms, museums, gyms and elsewhere all over the world. At least everywhere that has doors. They can't afford them in North Korea you know. People are so hungry they eat wooden doors there.  Think I am lying??

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