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bodybuilder matus valent
Why can't all sports be played like men's volleyball, namely half naked smeared with sand and baby oil?! I am no "sports expert" but it seems like a good idea to me. Being very tall makes it easier to bonk the ball over the net. Maybe they should call it Talleyball. There are other volleyballers on my site elsewhere like Matus Valent at left. He is so buff though he is filed under "Bodybuilding."

Living in LA I thought beach volleyball was a So Cal thing but It's really incredible the number of people all over the world who play it. It started in Santa Monica and then spread globally.  Rest assured Big Don is looking into some of the tallest of these male athletes.  I am surprised beach volleyball is not a more popular televised sport.  It is certainly a very sexy event with the scantily clad men and women running around on the beach for hours getting sand all over themselves.

But beach volleyball is different from indoor volleyball which is very popular in Eastern Europe and elsewhere. The major differences between beach and indoor volleyball are:
Playing surface – sand rather than hard court
The dimensions of the court are 6 by 8 meters, compared to 8 by 9 meters in the indoor game.
The beach court has no "attack line", unlike the indoor court, which has such a line 3 meters from the net.
Team size – six, with no substitutions allowed
Scoring system – best of 3 sets played to 2 (5 for a deciding set) rather than best of 5 to 25
Overhand touches and tips – open-hand dinks are illegal
A block at the net counts as one of the three allowed touches in the beach game, but not in the indoor game
Open-hand setting standards are different in the beach game –double hitting is called tighter but lifts are slightly more lenient
Coaching during matches is not allowed
There are no rotation errors on the beach – players may switch sides at will
It is legal to cross under the net in beach volleyball as long as it does not interfere with opponents' play
Teams switch ends of the court every seven points, rather than between sets
There is no Libero in beach like there is in indoor. A Libero is a player who specializes in defensive skills
The only similarity in the courts used in the two forms of volleyball is the net. In both versions, the height of the net is 2.43 meters for men and 2.24 meters for women.

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