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handsome football player
I'm not a big sports fan but I love big athletes, especially football players.  No sport needs heavier giants than football. The NFL is a muscle factory and has been for generations. Just look at 6'7" 280 lb. Kyle Long (left) who played for  Florida State. He is the son of former Oakland Raider Howie Long and brother of Christopher Long of the St. Louis Rams.  Football is rough and careers can be short and injury filled. Thank goodness these men will live on in this website long after they leave the field.  In fact, my site has been online since 2006 and has outlived multiple athletes pro careers.

Some of these pics are Webshots images of college boys, some are pros and some are pics from the set of the football movie remake The Longest Yard featuring bodybuilder and pro wrestler Dalip Singh.  All that matters is they are dressed like a football player, playing football or have played it in the past.

This page is not about soccer it is about American style football.  Soccer athletes can be found in the Other Sports section.

This page is not about feet. For that you need the Feet Page. This page is also not about Australian Rules Football. That is covered in the Other Sports section. Confused?  How do you think I feel I don't even like sports!  I just like athletes.

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