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tall boy wrestling

Here's a gallery of giant boxers, Olympic wrestlers, pro wrestlers and just plain rough housin' college boys. The bigger the boxer the longer his reach. But look out if he takes a fall. You don't want to get squished when 300 lbs. of meat hits the ground! And in wrestling bigger is always better. It's easier to see big wrestlers from the back rows or on the small screen.

But they are hard to find. Just try to cast a giant bodybuilder at all, much less one that can act or wrestle. There are whole wrestling schools that do nothing but search out and train aspiring wrestlers. In the video above is one of the biggest wresters, Bob Sapp, who is 6'5" and 350+ lbs. I'm currently looking for more pics of giant Russian boxer Nikolay Valuev who is seven feet tall and the biggest boxer in history. He looks like a thug but is actually quite intelligent. Tall, smart jock, that's my kind of guy!

In 2013 the Olympics are thinking of getting rid of wrestling. What?  A sport played at the original Greek games? Pfft. Oh, but silly synchronized swimming is just fine for the Olympics I see.


bodybuilder mustafa khater side chest pose flex smiling Giant bodybuilder Mustafa Khater isn't just 6'3" and 255 lbs. He's also a double black belt in Taekwondo (kickboxing). In Redondo Beach he's a personal trainer and he went out to the sea to demonstrate some kickboxing moves. Plus he does the "rubber man" which is a lot like "the wave" at a baseball game but it's inside your body. A citizen of the world Mustafa knows many languages and is a super nice guy. Stay with this channel for more on Mustafa.

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