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andy costello chess boxing

short stop sign6'2" (1.87m) 220 lb. (99 kg) Boxer Andy Costello also grew up playing chess. He and his fellow fighters have combined the two into chess-boxing. Yes. CHESS-BOXING!  Bouts begin with a four minute round of chess, followed by a three minute round of boxing. An entire bout consists of six rounds of chess and five rounds of boxing. The winner is the fighter who either knocks out his opponent or forces a check mate. If it is level after 11 rounds, the winner is decided by the judges on their boxing performance. The fighters have to wear earplugs while playing chess so they can't hear the moves the fans are screaming at them to make.

An ex-GB Judo International and former British Champion, South West Kick-Boxing champion and a professional mixed-martial artist who fought on 'Cage Rage’ Europe’s most prestigious MMA event. Andy is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a GB national awards Boxing tutor, a ‘Thump’instructor and Les Mills Body Combat instructor.

Of course the irony of all this is that you need to be smart to play chess but getting hit on the head for years makes you stupid.  It mangled poor Mohammed Ali's brain real bad.  How long can a chess boxing career go on? 

Other chess playing boxers on this site are the Klitschko brothers.

CHESSBOXING: Gianluca 'Il Dottore' Sirci vs. Andy 'The Rock' Costello
9 Oct 2009, Tufnell Park, London. Andy goes flat out for a KO in round 8 or else he'll be checkmated! The rules of battle chess are convoluted. The 1st ever European Heavyweight Title fight.


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