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bodybuilder aron ridge

Lots of pro wrestlers and boxers on this page, including 6'3" 220 lb. Aron Ridge (left). I photographed him in 2007 in Hollywood and he brought some boxing gloves because he used to box in school. Good thing he's a nice guy cuz with biceps that big he could kill somebody!  It's been said that people involved in boxing are so greasy the only nice guys are the fighters!  They have nothing to prove. How ironic.Also on this page is classic boxer Italian 6'9" 275 lb. Primo Carrera. He was a major heavyweight boxer in the 1930's. And then there is Kevin McBride who gave sleazeball convicted rapist Mike Tyson the beating he deserved. Check out that photo of him relaxing having his toes done after the fight. Funny!

6'5" 350 lb. boxer Bob Sapp has the moves in this bizarre Japanese ad for "Pizza-LA".

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