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This gallery features fighters, wrestlers and boxers of medium height.

6'4" 205 lb. Jon Jones
Jonathan "Jon" Jones (born 1987), is an American mixed martial artist signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, where he is the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. When he won the title in March 2011, he became the youngest champion in UFC history. As of December 2012, he was ranked as the #1 light heavyweight fighter in the world by various media outlets. He was also ranked the #1 pound for pound fighter in the world by multiple publications. As of January 17, 2014, he is #1 in official UFC pound-for-pound rankings.

Jones and his fiancée have two daughters: Leah, who was born on July 11, 2008; and Carmen Nicole Jones, born in December 2009, who was named after his late sister, Carmen. Jones is a Christian. Jon's older brother, Arthur is an American football defensive lineman for the Indianapolis Colts. Jones's younger brother, Chandler, is a defensive lineman for the New England Patriots

On August 8, 2012, Jones became the first mixed martial artist to be sponsored by Nike on an international scale. Anderson Silva and Yoshihiro Akiyama have signed regional deals with Nike in the past, but Jones is the first to represent Nike globally. He is also the first fighter in MMA history to have his own shoe line. Jones is the first MMA fighter to represent Gatorade in the Octagon.

6'4" 260 lb. Orlando Jordan
Orlando Jordan (born April 1974) is an American professional wrestler. Jordan is best known for his tenure in World Wrestling Entertainment, where he was a one-time United States Champion. He is also known for his stint with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.

Jordan was misdiagnosed with autism as a child. He also had speech difficulties, and attended classes to help him. Before becoming a professional wrestler, Jordan was a member of the United States Forest Service. He then relocated to Florida where he became a reputable amateur boxer. Jordan competed in gymnastics as a child, and participated in amateur wrestling. He attended Boise State University after winning the 1993 state championship at 189 pounds for Hermitage High School in Richmond, Va. . As of June 2011, Jordan is the co-owner, along with independent wrestler Luke Hawx, of WildKat Sports & Entertainment, a professional wrestling training center located just outside of New Orleans, LA. Their school has since spawned a Louisiana state-exclusive wrestling federation, WILDKAT Pro, which was briefly a member territory of the National Wrestling Alliance. On August 20, 2012, Jordan opened another wrestling school in Melbourne, Australia, where he currently resides.

6'5" Mijain Lopez
Mijaín López Núñez (born 1982 in Pinar del Río) is a Cuban wrestler. He is the 2007 world champion in the men's Greco-Roman 120 kg category. López has represented Cuba at the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics in Beijing and London, and was his country's flagbearer during the opening ceremonies. In both competitions he won the gold medal in the men's Greco-Roman 120 kg category. On 18 October 2010 Mijaín López was rumored to have defected and be training in Miami for MMA, however, Eric Castanos, the coach he was rumored to be training with contradicted these rumors, stating that Mijaín López is still in Cuba and has never mentioned anything to him about defecting.

6'5" James Thompson
James Thompson (born 1978) is an English professional mixed martial artist. He fights as a Heavyweight and has also fought at Super Heavyweight. Over his career he has competed in Pride FC, Cage Rage, EliteXC, Sengoku, Dream, KSW, and the SFL. He is known for his "Gong and Dash", rushing his opponents with strikes at the start of the fight and is also known for his imposing size and strength, as well as being an early pioneer and icon of British mixed martial arts.

Thompson was born and raised in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Thompson was raised by his mother, having never met his father, who is now deceased. Growing up, Thompson was a talented rugby player, and then worked as a bouncer and a debt collector. He also pursued a career in bodybuilding. Thompson took up the sport of wrestling and competed in a several matches before seeing an MMA match featuring Don Frye (whom he would later fight and beat at pride 34:kamikaze), which ultimately inspired him to pursue a career in MMA. He started watching DVDs on boxing, wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

6'4" Orlando Jones vs. 6'3" Ultimate Warrior in 2009
The only thing hotter than the Ultimate Warrior is the Ultimate Warrior with grey hair. You won't find any photos of this 6'3" muscle giant on this page but believe me, I am well aware of his existence.  He makes his 2009 comeback in this video fighitng 6'4" Orlando Jones, the Black wrestler with the body just as buff as his. Orlando DOES have photos on this page. Lots of 'em!


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